Inviter – A Member that has captivated at least 1 person to join the Fluz application.

Influencer – A Member that has utilized their persuasion to impress and motivate 50 people or more to join the Fluz application.

Invite Link – A clickable hyperlink that when opened on a compatible handheld device, will automatically bring the user to the app store. Anyone downloading the app after clicking your invite link will get placed directly into your network after they register, and every Member gets their own unique invite link.

Global Network – The digital ‘web’ that is the collection of every single Member, precisely distributed throughout the entire structure. This web can grow to an infinite size, and increases in area each time a new Member joins.

Personal Network – Each Member has a personal web structure that is identical in form and capacity to every other Member, and that structure begins with their own seat. It ends when it has doubled in size 15 times, with each growth adding a ring/layer to the structure. It follows a very simple pattern, with one seat in the network always giving birth to two more spots in the subsequent ring. This allows each person’s network to grow to a max size of 65,534 connections.

Residual Income – Unlike an ‘active income’ where you need to sustain a constant effort in order to keep getting paid, a “residual income” source allows you to put in some initial effort, that after some time, will snowball and allow you maintain a flow of revenue with minimal or no effort on your end.

Cash Back Reward – A type of incentive offered to our Members when they shop with our partner retailers, whereby they earn back a percentage of their total purchase amount.

Digital Wallet – The section of the Fluz app where your cash back rewards will accumulate. This is also where you can view past purchases, your network rewards, and various other pieces of statistical data centered around the money you spend and earn within the Fluz ecosystem.

Fluzpay – One of the purchasing methods within the Fluz app. Fluzpay is essentially store credit, and works just like a standard gift card. Once you load your Fluzpay balance for a specific merchant, it can only be spent with that merchant. Cash back is awarded immediately upon the purchase of a Fluzpay voucher.

Personal Rewards – Every purchase made through the Fluz app will reward cash back that gets split with the person making the purchase, the person that invited the purchaser, and the network. The personal rewards are the largest portion of the split rewards, and are given directly to the one that initiated the purchase.

Inviter Rewards – For those that have directly invited someone into their personal network, their portion of the shared cash back from a purchase will be 3x larger than the other people in the network.

Network Rewards – The shared cash back that gets distributed throughout the network. For those with a large network, these rewards will make up a significant portion of your earnings every month.

Rewards Balance – This is the accumulation of all of your rewards available for you to cash out with at any time. This would include your personal rewards, your inviter rewards, your network rewards, and any bonus rewards you have earned such as referral rewards and challenge rewards. All of these will add up and be displayed in your digital wallet.

Auto-fill – These are new members that join the Fluz network without using an invite link / code first. Often they will come into the network through the marketing activities carried out by Fluz directly. The current auto-fill algorithm is V1.0 and is named after the “Trapdoor” spider.

Credit Card – This is any bank card that carries an official Visa, MasterCard, or AmericanExpress credit logo. This logo can usually be found on the bottom right on the front side of the card, and this logo means that it will work as a payment method for Fluzpay.

Debit Card – This is any bank card that is directly connected to a checking account. In some cases, these cards will display a credit logo from Visa, MasterCard, or AmericanExpress, but this does not always have to be the case. If a debit card does not display a credit logo, then it will only work as a payment method for Fluz.

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