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The Fluz Network Structure
The Fluz Network Structure

All about your Fluz network, network structure, personal network, active members

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At Fluz, everyone has the power to invite as many people as they can. Once you complete setting up your account, you are entitled to start building your network.

Learn about the Fluz network and how you can earn below:

What is the Fluz Network?

One of the distinctive features that separates Fluz from other cashback apps is our network. It is the fabric that the community of shoppers is built on, and lays the foundation for how the cashback rewards are distributed throughout the Fluz ecosystem. Simply put, it is a member's referral network.

The network has two major components

  • The Fluz Global Network

  • The Fluz Member Personal Network

What is the Fluz Global Network?

The Fluz global network is a living structure that can grow infinitely as new members join, and it is comprised of all Fluz Personal Networks.

It grows organically based on how members are inviting friends, family, and contacts to Fluz.

What is the Fluz Personal Network?

A Fluz personal network is centered around you – it’s the portion of the Fluz Global Network that you have created, it shares identical characteristics and capacity with every other member's personal network – it can grow indefinitely and maintains the connections among you and the Members you’ve invited. More than that, it includes connections formed by your connections, and on and on. As a member invites their friends, and their friends invite their friends, their Fluz personal network grows.

How does the Fluz Personal Network Structure work?

The Fluz Personal Network Structure is built using the 2 legs by 5 degrees model, where each member has two (2) available spots immediately connected to them, and a single network may grow until five (5) degrees of connection are filled.

A degree of connection is the relationship between a member and the new member they invited. For example, if Alex invites Tyler to Fluz, there is a degree of connection between them. If Tyler then invites Quinn, there are two degrees of connection between Alex and Quinn, because they are connected through Tyler.

A full network has sixty-three (63) members, including you. This network structure allows you to earn a portion of the transactions (referral royalties) of the sixty-two (62) other members.

Once each member has two (2) members connected to them, the degree is considered complete and another degree is added. This will continue until all spots are filled up to the fifth degree.

Members per degree

Total members in your network




First Degree



Second Degree



Third Degree



Fourth Degree



Fifth Degree



Below is a sample of how a Fluz personal network looks:

When you invite more friends or when a friend invites another one, they are placed on the next available spot in your network.

A new network may open once you have filled in all 63 spots, giving you the chance to have multiple networks and earning more Referral Royalties. There is no limit to the number of networks you can create, and no limit to the amount of royalties you can earn with Fluz.

How do I start another Personal Network?

Once you have a full network with sixty-three (63) members, a new network will automatically open once you personally invite someone. Once a new network is started, new invitations will automatically be placed in the newly opened network.

How many Personal Networks can I have?

There’s no limit. - One of the best ways to earn beyond just cashback with Fluz is by spreading the word. The more members and networks you have, the more Referral Royalties and bonuses you can earn. Each member can have an unlimited number of networks.

Does the earning rate for Royalties vary based on degrees of connection in my network?

No, all your Referral Royalties from your network are at the same rate. A member's placement in your network will not affect how much you earn from their purchases. You will earn the same amount from a purchase, whether the member is in the first or fifth degree. This means that even if you’ve filled your two immediate spaces, anybody you invite will still be in your network, and you’ll earn the same Royalty rate for their transactions.

Can I request to remove someone from my network?

No, removal of members from a network as a request is not allowed. Fluz members can only be removed from a network if they are inactive.

Can I request to remove myself from someone's network?


Can I move people around my multiple networks?

No, movement of a member to a different network is not allowed.

Can I transfer/give all my networks to another Fluz Member?

No. Networks are not transferrable and are not considered a going business concern with market value.

More questions? Feel free to reach out to one of our Fluz sidekicks. Use the Chat option at the bottom of your screen, or if you're on the app, go to Help and chat with us.

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