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Autofill & Spillover

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Filling your network with friends is even more fun with a little support from Fluz. That’s why we’ve worked out ways to assign people who just signed up and were not referred by anyone to be part of your network. Learn more about it below:

What is Autofill?

It is the automatic placement of members into your network by Fluz to help you build your personal network even faster - these members come from Fluz' marketing efforts outside of the referral network. For example, if Casey sees a bus ad for Fluz in New York and decides to sign up, we may assign Casey to your network. You’ll earn Royalties on Casey’s transactions – it’s our way of saying thanks for helping us grow Fluz.

Who are the people "autofilled" or added into my personal network?

These are new members who signed up with Fluz without being referred or invited.

How does Fluz decide which personal network they will be added to?

Fluz will automatically place the new member into the next available open spot in the Fluz Global network.

If someone was automatically added to my network, can I earn Referral Royalties from their purchases?

Yes, you can earn Referral Royalties from their purchases just like any other member in your network. Earning Referral Royalties from members who were autofilled into your network can also be referred to as Spillover.

How much in Royalties can I earn from members who were autofilled into my network?

Royalties earned on the purchases of autofilled members are the same as the rates for Royalties earned from purchases of invited members.

When will I receive the Spillover?

Royalties will be credited to your Fluz wallet in real time, as members in your network purchase.*

*There are additional requirements if earnings are considered "Locked Royalties."

If someone was automatically added to my network, will their invites/referrals be included in my network as well?

Yes, their invites/referrals will be part of your network as long their invites are within five (5) degrees from you.

If someone was autofilled to my network, can I earn the $5 invite Bonus?

No, as you did not personally invite them.

More questions? Feel free to reach out to one of our Fluz sidekicks. Use the Chat option at the bottom of your screen, or if you're on the app, go to Help and chat with us.

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