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How do I add my bank card to the Fluz App?
How do I add my bank card to the Fluz App?

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Adding a payment method to the app will activate offers and enable you to start earning cashback from your purchases. Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit/ debit cards are easy to add! Just follow these straightforward steps, and you will have your bank card linked to the app until you choose to remove it.

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How to add a card as a payment method.

1. Tap on the Menu (your avatar) icon on the top of your screen

2. Tap on Payment Methods.

3. Select Debit Card or Credit Card by tapping on the (+) icon.

4. Enter your card details

Enter your name and card number on the fields provided. Don't forget to double check before you tap on Next to continue.

​5. Select your billing address

If the billing address provided matches that of the card, just tap on the circle icon next to it. If you need to add another billing address for your card, tap on Can't find your address?
Once completed, you should get a Success message, and your new card will show under Bank Cards.

What payment methods are accepted by Fluz?

Fluz accepts the payment methods below.

  • Bank cards (credit or debit cards)

  • ACH transfer/bank payment

  • Paypal

  • Fluz Balance

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