Welcome to Fluz!

You're probably here because you want to start earning cash back but don't exactly know where to start. No worries! Our goal is to help you get familiar with Fluz as soon as possible, so you can start earning on your individual purchases and from your network.

Here are the top things you would need to know:

We've also compiled a list of articles below that gives you an overview of how Fluz works. These should give you an idea on how to navigate Fluz and get started.

The basics 💭

How do I earn using Fluz?

How do I check my gift card balance?

How do I view my past purchases?

My network 💪

How are rewards distributed throughout the network?

Whats the difference between someone I invite, and someone in my network?

How can I see my pending invites?

Payments 💳

All about ACH or Bank payments

My cash back 💸

How Can I Tell If I’m Earning Cash Back?

How can I keep track of the cash back I’ve received?

What are the challenges?

Withdrawals 🤑

What withdrawal methods are accepted?

Why can't I withdraw my money?

Can I make a partial withdrawal?

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