This feature will help you earn up to 50% cashback when you shop with your friends. Learn about Fluz Parties below:

What are Fluz Parties?

A Fluz party is a collective spending and earning experience where you and other party-goers can earn boosted cashback rates at select stores. Parties are online cashback events wherein the more people who join and purchase during the party, the more they can earn.

How can I join a Fluz Party?

Joining a Fluz party is as easy as:

  1. RSVP for the party of your choice.

  2. Join once the party begins.

  3. Earn at never before seen cashback rates.

You can view the upcoming parties at the Discovery (magnifying glass) tab in the app.

How do Fluz Parties work?

Upcoming Fluz Parties will be listed with specific details: date, time, store/merchant, RSVP Goal/limit, and cash back rates.

To get the party started, members must reserve their slot and hit the RSVP goal together. Once the RSVP goal is achieved, the party will get going on the specified date and time.

The more people who join and purchase during the party, the bigger the cash back rates you can earn. Once the time and purchase limit has been reached, the party ends and you will receive all your cash back earnings in your Fluz wallet.

How do I earn from a Fluz Party?

Each Fluz party has different specified cash back rates. The party first starts with an "instant" cash back rate, once party goers purchase and reach a collective spend goal, the cash back rate increases. If the collective spend goal is achieved, the higher cash back rate then applies to all purchases made during the party and the earnings are credited once the party ends.

Example scenario:

You joined a Fluz party with a boosted "instant" cash back rate of 20% and a collective spend goal of $3,000 to unlock the higher 50% cash back rate.

At the start of the party, you spend $100 at the "instant" cash back rate of 20%, giving you a $20 cash back earnings. As the party progresses, other party goers spend as well and all purchases add up, reaching the collective spend goal of $3,000 which unlocks the 50% after-party bonus rate.

Once the party ends, you will receive another $30 cash back in your Fluz wallet on top of the initial $20 , giving you a total of $50 cash back.

Why did I not get the promised cash back rate?

You will only be able to see the full cash back rate in your Fluz wallet once the party ends, given that the collective spend goal was met.

When you purchase your gift card in a Party, you will receive the boosted INSTANT CASH BACK rate right away. Once the party reaches the collective SPEND GOAL, this unlocks the AFTER-PARTY BONUS rate which will be added to your Fluz wallet at the END of the party.

Please note that the Instant cash back rate, Spend goal and After party bonus will vary per Fluz party. Details can be found in the app's Party page by tapping on the info icon (circle with an i inside).

Where can I find the upcoming Fluz parties?

Screens depicted may not reflect the latest version of the app.

1. Navigate to the Discover tab found at the bottom of the main page of your app.

2. Scroll down to the Parties section and tap on the party card you are interested in, or Get paid to party to discover more parties.

3. In the Fluz Parties page, you can see the Live and schedule of upcoming parties. Tap on RSVP to start shopping and earning.

Can I buy multiple times during a party?

Yes, you may purchase multiple times but your total spend must be within the total spend limit set for the party. The more the collective spends, the higher the cashback rates for all purchases made during the party.

Do all parties have an RSVP limits?

Some Fluz parties will have RSVP limits while others will run no matter the number of party-goers.

Can I invite my friends to a Fluz Party?

Yes, you can share upcoming or even live parties using the Fluz party RSVP page to reserve a slot and join in on the fun.

Can I get the same cashback rates even if I don't join the party?

No, the cashback rates offered in the party are exclusive and are time-limited rates.

Can a scheduled party be canceled?

In a case wherein the RSVP goal/limit is not reached, a Fluz party can be canceled. A notification and an email will be sent to those who initially signed up for the canceled Fluz party.

If you want to reach out to our support team, feel free to use the Chat option at the bottom of your screen or if you're on the app, go to Help and chat with us.

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