The article below will help you understand Fluz' verification process and why we may require our users to upload their ID's.

Why do I need to provide my government issued ID to use Fluz?

  1. For KYC and Account Security purposes

    Fluz is currently encouraging users to complete account verification as part of our KYC. While government IDs are not required to register an account, if your account has been placed on "verification required" status (because it has been flagged by our automated security filters), you will need to complete account verification for your account to be reinstated to "pass" status.

    We believe that Fluz' security measures will better protect the payment process for all cardholder, especially since users are now automatically given a $10,000 daily account spend limit.

    We have automated security filters that flag accounts based on various criteria related to your account security. If flagged, your account will be placed under "verification required" (if you have not completed all the account verification steps yet) or "review " status (when you've completed the account verification already). Under both statuses, your account is not able to access past purchases or make new ones, until your account is back to "pass" or "approved" status. It will typically take only one business day to review your account. Should you need to follow up your account status, send us a chat from the mobile app.

    Please take note that our KYC verification terms are constantly evolving, and Fluz reserves the right to implement KYC verification for users at any time.

  2. For Tax Purposes

    As part of the cash out policies, we will require additional information from all users that have earned $600 or more within one calendar year, so that we can generate you a 1099 for tax purposes. To learn more, check out: Do I have to pay taxes on my reward earnings?

How do I verify my account?

Verifying account will include the following:

Fluz may or may not ask you to complete all three steps. Our automated fraud filters will require these steps depending on your account security and app activity to ensure a safer experience for all our users.

How do I upload my government ID?

A key part of account verification is uploading a government-issued ID. Here's how to verify your account and upload an ID.

  1. Tap on the Menu (your avatar) icon on the top right of your screen.

  2. Scroll down to Privacy & Security.

  3. Tap on Limits and Verifications.

  4. Scroll down to Account Spend Limits, and tap on Verify your identity.

  5. Provide your legal address.

  6. Select the ID type and take a photo of the ID. This step may be tricky, so we appreciate your patience and please follow the prompts.

  7. Take a selfie and tap on Continue.

  8. You should receive a prompt that you have successfully completed the verification.

The app won't take a photo of my ID

Ideal scenario: The camera is upright. The ID is in landscape position, not sideways. The background is plain, with no busy patterns that may "confuse" the camera from focusing on the ID itself. The photo is taken in a well-lit environment. With a steady (not shaky) hand, you are moving the camera very slowly closer or farther away, depending on the app's instructions.

If it doesn't take a photo of your ID, it could be because of the following reasons:

  1. Your ID is not within the box.

  2. Your camera must be upright and the ID must be in landscape (or horizontal) position, not sideways.

  3. The instructions are not being followed.

    1. For example, the app might be asking you to "show only one face". This means to zoom in your ID so that it shows only one of the photos/ faces on the ID. It does not mean to take a selfie.

    2. The app is asking you to move further away, but you are not moving far away enough.

  4. The picture is taken on a low light environment. Move to a better lit environment.

  5. There are multiple foreign objects in the background. Take the photo against a plain background, like a desk or a wall.

    1. The background is busy. It has stripes or patterns, so the app isn't able to focus clearly on the ID itself. You may notice that the ID itself appears blurry.

  6. The camera is too far from the photo ID. Move the phone camera closer to the photo ID that it can clearly distinguish the photo on the ID

  7. The camera is too close to the photo ID. Move the phone camera slightly farther ensuring that the photo ID details and the "face" on the ID itself is clear.

  8. Your hand is shaky and unsteady. Avoid unnecessary movements.

  9. Move the app closer or farther, very slowly. The borders of the app prompt will turn to green when done correctly and it will say "hold steady" when it's taking a photo.

If there is an issue with the ID you submitted, the app may show the screen below. In this case, make sure to make a second attempt at taking a photo of your ID.

More questions? Feel free to reach out to one of our Fluz Sidekicks. Use the Chat option at the bottom of your screen, or if you're on the app, go to Help and chat with us.

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