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My account is under "Verification Required". What should I do?
My account is under "Verification Required". What should I do?
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If your account was placed under Verification Required, it means your account was flagged by our automated security filters. This happens due to various reasons that may be related to your account's security, purchase activity etc. We do this to ensure your account and that of other cardholders remain as safe as possible.

The app will list down the steps you need to take to get your account back to "pass" status. You may be asked for the following:

Fluz only accepts government-issued IDs with an address. Below is a list of those IDs.

  1. Passport

  2. Driver's License

  3. Photo ID

If you've submitted an ID that is not on this list or is from a country that is not supported, you may be required to resubmit an ID and your account review will be delayed.

These actions must be completed before our team is able to review your account. Once you complete the steps above, your account will be placed In Review status, which means our team is already reviewing it. It may take 1 business day to review your account. If it's been more than 1 business day and your account is still under review, please send us a chat or email to follow up at [email protected]..

More questions? Feel free to reach out to one of our Fluz sidekicks. Use the Chat option at the bottom of your screen, or if you're on the app, go to Help and chat with us.

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