As part of Fluz' security protocol, when a credit or debit card is flagged by our security filters, that payment method is required to be verified via bank hold verification before it can be used. Learn more about our security protocols here.

First, navigate to your Unverified cards

  1. Press Menu (☰)> Privacy & Security> Limits & Verifications

  2. Press on "Payment methods are unverified"

  3. Press on the card that you want to verify, the next screen you will see will ask you to "proceed with verification"

Second, verify your card.

1. Once you've added a new credit or debit card, the Fluz app will automatically prompt you to verify your credit card. Press 'Proceed with verification'.


2. You will then be asked to enter the exact amount of a small temporary hold placed on your bank account.


3. Login to your online banking for this credit card and find the small temporary hold / charge under the label "FFLLC GIFT CARDS NEW YORK US".

4. Return to Fluz app and enter the exact amount of the small temporary hold amount.


5. Once you enter and submit the correct amount, your card is automatically verified. If you are having issues entering the correct amount, please contact customer support before 5 attempts to avoid your account being blocked from further verification.


Note for international users: If the currency of your bank account is not USD, please contact customer support to assist you with bank hold verification.

How to add a card

1. Open the more menu (☰) in the top right corner and tap 'Account and cards'.

2. Navigate to 'connect an account' and tap the red plus button beside 'Debit / credit card' to add a new card.

3. Enter your card and billing address details to add your bank card.

I don't see the verification amount on my credit card statement

The temporary hold is put instantly after inputting starting the verification process. for some banks, it takes 5-10 minutes before it shows. If you don't see that hold, kindly contact your bank.

Note for the small temporary hold:

The temporary bank hold is immediately voided by Fluz but the amount may show as "pending". This amount should fall off within 1-3 banking days, depending on your bank. If this does not clear out by then, we recommend contacting your bank.

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