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How do I complete Bank Hold Verification?
How do I complete Bank Hold Verification?

completing bank hold verification

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As part of Fluz' security protocols, when a credit or debit card is flagged by our security filters, that payment method is required to be verified via bank hold verification before it can be used. Learn more about our security protocols here.

NOTE: The temporary bank hold is immediately voided by Fluz, but the amount may show as "pending". This amount should fall off within 1-3 banking days, depending on your bank. If this does not clear out by then, please contact your bank.


Here's how to complete Bank Hold Verification:

Screens depicted may not reflect the latest version of the app.

1. On your home page, tap the Menu (your avatar) icon on the top portion of your screen.

2. Tap on Privacy & Security.

3. Tap on Limits & Verifications.

4. Select Payment Methods Are Unverified.

Payment methods can be flagged by our automated fraud filters as part of our security feature. When this happens, the card will be labeled as unverified. We recommend that you complete this bank hold verification process to maximize your Fluz experience.

​5. Select the card to be verified.

If you have more than one unverified card, we recommend that you complete the verification process for those cards as well.

6. Tap on Proceed.

At this point of the process, you will be asked to leave the Fluz app, so you can log in to your online banking app for the chosen bank card. In your bank account's transactions page, you will find the small temporary hold/charge.

7. Enter the hold amount.

From your online banking app, return to the Fluz app and enter the exact amount of the small temporary hold amount.

8. Tap on Verify.

Once you enter and submit the correct amount, your card will be automatically verified.

Note: If you are experiencing issues in entering the hold amount, please contact the Fluz Customer Team before 5 attempts to avoid your account being blocked from further verification.

Note for international users:

If the currency of your bank account is not USD, please contact our Customer Team to assist you with bank hold verification.

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More questions? Feel free to reach out to one of our Fluz Champs. You may call our Customer Hotline at +1 646-760-7479. You can also use the Chat option at the bottom of your screen, or if you're on the app, go to Help and chat with us.

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