Each merchant is different and the cash back percentage you earn will be shown next to the offer.

You can check the current cash back rates for a specific merchant by viewing the live offers in the app. Just navigate to the "Pay" tab in the app, and the cash back rate will be displayed next to each retailer.

The image below shows a list our partner merchants (All Stores, Favorites and Voucher Stores) and their highest cash back rate next to it. ACE Hardware for instance, offers up to 4% cash back through Fluz.

The cash back rate depends on the payment method that you use when you make a purchase.

Our highest cash back rate (rates shown on the image above) is available when using your ACH for payment, followed by your debit card, credit card and digital wallets (Paypal, Apple Pay).

Below you will see how your payment method will affect the cash back rate.

We always recommend to use your ACH when making a purchase to maximize your Fluz experience. As the video below shows, a bigger cash back rate for a $50 Adidas gift card purchase is offered when the payment method is switched from Credit Card to ACH.

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