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Overview of Payments
Overview of Payments

What payment methods can I use with Fluz? cashback and payment methods

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In this page, learn about what payment methods or funding sources I can use in my Fluz app.

What payment methods can I use with Fluz?

Fluz accepts the payment methods below. These are also called "money in" methods:

  • Bank cards (credit or debit cards)

  • ACH transfer/bank payment

  • Fluz rewards balance

  • Paypal, and ApplePay

Do I get the same cashback when I use a different payment method?

Our highest cashback rate is available when using your ACH for payment, followed by your debit card, credit card and digital wallets (Paypal, Apple Pay).

​The merchant cashback rate is 4% and you buy a $200 gift card.
ACH bank payment gives you the full 4% - that's $8.00

Debit card payment (-1%) gives you 3% - that's $6.00

Credit card payment (-3%) gives you 1% - that's $2.00

Paypal, Apple pay and Google pay (-3%) gives you 1% - that's $2.00

Note: Power users have a different rate for the following:

  • Top Up cash balance

Power: 2%

Mobile/Regular users: 1.5%

  • Gift Card purchases for debit cards

Power: 2%

Mobile/Regular users: 1.5%

Why can't I select my payment method?

Before you are able to complete your purchase, you need to ensure that you've linked and verified your payment methods via bank hold verification. If you've done so, and you are still unable to select your payment method, it may mean that the merchant you're trying to purchase from is not accepting that payment method.

For example, a certain gift card brand may only accept Bank/ACH and debit card payments and NOT credit cards, PayPal or ApplePay, while another brand may accept all payment methods. This is because Fluz aims to be radically fee-transparent. We encourage you to pay directly with your bank account or debit cards to avoid 2.5-3% processing fees for PayPal, credit cards, Apple Pay etc.

Why do I need a back-up payment method?

When you transact with Fluz, you may be required to add a backup payment method. If this is necessary we will send you an email letting you know that this is necessary.
Currently, only credit or debit cards are allowed as back up payment methods.

In some instances, a temporary hold for the total transaction amount will be placed on your backup payment method. If the ACH payment clears, this hold will fall off within 1-7 business days depending on your bank (usually sooner) and you will only be charged once. If the ACH payment does not clear successfully, then your back up payment method will be charged instead.

If you want to reach out to our support team, feel free to use the Chat option at the bottom of your screen or if you're on the app, go to Help and chat with us.

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