Auto-fill V1.0 Trapdoor

While Fluz will count on our Fluzzers to fill a large percentage of the network through direct invites, the in-house Marketing team will also be playing a vital role in securing new members to join the ranks and start earning. Any new members obtained through the efforts of Fluz will be added into the network for everyone’s benefit through a methodology called “auto-fill.”

The first iteration of the algorithm responsible for the network auto-fill logic will be named after the “Trapdoor” spider, also known by its scientific name “Ctenizidae”.

All members joining through this version of the auto-fill will be pulled into the lowest possible layer in the network at the time of registration, from left to right. Put differently, this left to right auto-filling will start as close to the core of the network structure as possible, and will only continue on to the next layer once no more spots are available in the preceding layer.

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