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Apply for a Fluz Business Account
Apply for a Fluz Business Account

How to set-up your business account, business resources, convert to a business account

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Why should I upgrade to a Business Account?

  • Business accounts have an increased daily spend limit of $250,000 per day instead of $10,000

  • Get cash back at scale

    • Plus! Get tailored rates just for you through our Exclusive Rates Program

  • Access to the Fluz Power Portal

    All the things you love about the app: Virtual Cards, gift cards, deposit funds, plus more! The Power Portal is a web-based platform designed with high-volume transaction tools to help you increase your profits with cash back.

    • Make bulk transactions

    • Set scheduled transactions

    • Download transaction activity via .csv exports

    • Better visibility on your spend and transaction limits so you can manage funds better

  • Early access to beta features and special promotions

  • Stack your credit card rewards.

  • If you'd like to know more how Fluz can help you, or see a demo of the Power Portal, please book a demo

Where's the application form?

Here you go! Application form.

What documents do I need to apply for a business account?

For LLCs and Corporations:

  • EIN

    • Please ensure that the Secretary of State filing is active

  • The beneficial owner will have to submit their SSN securely through the mobile app.

For Sole Proprietorships:

  • SSN (submitted securely through the mobile app)

  • EIN

    • If an EIN is not available, any one from the following documents below is required:

      1. Business License,

      2. Certificate of Trade Name,

      3. DBA Certificate,

      4. Schedule C,

      5. Certificate of Assumed Business Name,

      6. Proof of Business Registration

      7. Other documents that proves the establishment and legitimacy of business

For Partnerships:

  • For businesses with more than 1 owner, each individual with 25% or more of ownership in the business must fill up a separate Additional Owners Information sheet

  • Currently, partnerships with multiple owners holding 25% ownership may not receive approval for a Virtual Card. We're actively working to enhance our system to accommodate Virtual Card applications for partnerships.

  • Despite the temporary limitation on Virtual Card approval, partnerships can still enjoy all other features of our business account.

Can I register with a business that has virtual mailbox or P.O. box address?

Our partner banks require that your company has a physical address for your Virtual Card application to be approved. Unfortunately, even submitting government-issued verification like a Driver's License or an EIN will not suffice as long as it is registered to a virtual mailbox, shipping address, or P.O. Box.

If your supporting business documentation still shows a non-physical address but you've already filed for a change in business address, you may submit additional documentation such as a utility bill that shows your business name and new address, or official documentation supporting the address change.

Do I need to provide an EIN for my business?

We’ll only ask you to provide an EIN if you use one.

If your business does not have an EIN, you can create a business profile as a sole proprietor, using your SSN. Instead of the EIN, you will need to submit documentation that shows the establishment and legitimacy of the sole proprietorship. Please see list above for sole proprietors.

I already have access to the Power Portal, do I still need to apply for a Business account?

Yes. A business account will be required for continued access to the Power Portal. Otherwise, you may still access your Fluz account via the mobile app. Have any questions? Speak to a Power Sidekick.

I need help setting up a business, do you have any resources that can help me?

Here are some resources that may help you with setting up a business as well as opening a business bank account.

Setting up a business and a business bank account

  • Stripe - Stripe Atlas is a powerful, safe, and easy-to-use platform for forming a company. By removing lengthy paperwork, legal complexity, and numerous fees, Stripe Atlas helps you launch your startup from anywhere in the world.

  • AngelList - AngelList incorporates your company in a few simple steps without an expensive legal process. Focus on your company, and we'll get you fundraising-ready.

  • Firstbase - The simplest way for anyone to launch and run a US business. Incorporate your company, access one-click growth tools, stay compliant, and manage everything your business needs — all online, from anywhere.

Setting up an LLC with a third-party system

  • Incfile - Incfile includes LLC formation, registered agent, compliance, and startup services.

  • Northwest Registered Agent - Northwest Registered agent is a national registered agent service that can better protect your privacy with the use of their business address on your public documents. Services include filing documents, expanding business formation, and compliance

  • LegalZoom - Helps you create different types of businesses (Corporations, LLCs, Sole Proprietorship, DBA, Nonprofit)

I am a non-US resident, can I apply for a business account?

Yes. As long as you have a US-based business, you're eligible to apply for a business account.

Set up a business as a non-US-resident

When non-citizens decide to open a business in the US, there are two corporate entity types they can choose from. An LLC provides limited liability and profits, and receives lower tax benefits relative to other entity types such as C-Corps or S-Corporations.

However, regardless of citizenship status, anyone can easily form an LLC as long as they meet certain requirements, such as keeping their finances separate from those managed by any hired managers (who would then report those accounts accordingly).

Read more about this at this link.

Set up a US business bank account overseas using these platforms:

  • Wise - Business banking without the high rates, hidden charges, and monthly fees. Pay employees, get paid, and manage your cash flow overseas — in one place.

  • Mercury - a financial technology company for start-up

Got more questions? Feel free to reach out to our customer support. Use the Chat option at the bottom of your screen, or if you're on the app, go to Help and chat with us.

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