Withdrawal Limits

What are the withdrawal limits? How much can I withdraw in a day?

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It is essential to know the limits when withdrawing from your cash and rewards balance. See the questions below to learn more:

How much can I withdraw?

How much you can withdraw is determined by your Withdrawable Balance

Withdrawable Cash Balance = Available Cash balance + Rewards Balance*

Please note: The rewards balance is subject to a one-time withdrawal minimum requirement of $15. You must have earned a minimum of $15 in rewards balance before withdrawing it. This is a one-time requirement only. Cash balance is not subject to this minimum requirement.

What is considered a withdrawal?


A withdrawal is when you move money out of your Fluz wallet through ACH, PayPal, and Venmo.


On the other hand, a purchase is when you use your Total balance to make a gift card purchase or a 1-time card transaction. Purchases are subject to a $10,000 daily account spend limit for individual accounts.

What is the difference between a cash balance withdrawal and a rewards balance withdrawal?

Cash Balance Withdrawal

This is a withdrawal made from funds that you've topped up to your cash balance account. Cash balance withdrawals are subject to cash balance withdrawal limits.

Rewards Balance Withdrawal

This is a withdrawal made from your rewards balance account, which are your earnings from personal and network cashback (also called Referral Royalties), as well as bonuses.

Cash balance withdrawal limits are separate from rewards balance withdrawal limits

Rewards balance withdrawals have no limits. However, it is important to note that withdrawals are deducted from the cash balance first. The rewards balance gets withdrawn only when the cash balance has been fully used up.

Cash Balance Withdrawal Limits & Definitions

Withdrawal Limits

Daily Limit

Weekly Limit

Monthly Limit





Both spend and withdrawal limits reset based on the UTC zone.

  • A week is defined as a calendar week. From Monday to Sunday

  • A month is defined as a calendar month. From 1st to 30th/31st, or Feb 28th/29th

  • Daily limits reset at 11:59 pm UTC, weekly limits reset at 11:59 pm UTC every Sunday, and monthly limits reset on the first of every month.


Case 1

cash-balance = 10,000
rewards-balance = 2,000
daily-limit = 10,000

withdraw 1: 10,000 (from cash balance) - successful
withdraw 2: 2,000 (from rewards balance) - successful

Case 2

cash-balance = 11,000
rewards-balance = 1,000
daily-limit = 10,000

withdraw 1: 10,000 (from cash balance) - successful
withdraw 2: 2,000 (1000 cash + 1000 rewards) - declined

Case 3

cash-balance = 11,000
rewards-balance = 20,000
daily-limit = 10,000
week-limit = 30,000

withdraw 1: 10,000 (from cash balance) - successful
withdraw 2: 2,000 (1,000 cash + 1,000 rewards) - declined

withdraw 3: 2,000 (1000 cash + 1000 reward) - successful
withdraw 4: 19,000 rewards - successful

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