Note: Starting March 10 2022, the Inviter Bonus has been updated from getting a Voucher to a $5 Bonus.

How does it work?

Members who refer will earn a $5 Bonus if the person they refer meets the following ‘qualifying’ criteria:

  1. Invitee must make at least 2 purchases with Fluz totaling at least $25 at any store.

  2. Invitee must satisfy this purchase requirement within 30 days of completing registration.

The number of Referral Bonuses each Member can earn is unlimited – you can get one for each new Member you personally invite, enroll, and qualify!

Once I earn an invite bonus where can I find it?

Your bonuses are available to view by navigating to your Fluz Wallet, scrolling down your Recent History and tapping on See All, and tapping on the Bonuses tab.

Fluz will automatically add your $5 Bonus to your rewards balance. Once you meet your rewards minimum, you can use it to spend on Fluz or withdraw to a connected account like PayPal or your bank account.

Why is my invite bonus pending?

Your invite bonus may be indicated as pending if your referral hasn't met the minimum requirements of 2 purchases totaling $25. Both criteria must be met. For example, if a person you refer spends over $25, but they have only made one purchase, then they haven't qualified until they make one more.

Alternatively, once you achieve an invite bonus, it may stay in pending status for a period of time until the qualifying payments from your referral are fully complete.

How can I keep track of my invites and bonuses?

  • Navigate to the Invite page of your app

  • Your Pending Invite Bonus amount should appear under the banner. Remember that the amount will depend on the number of people you have invited:

    One invite will show - $5.00 Pending

    Two invites will show - $10.00 Pending

    Three invites will show - $15.00 Pending

    Tap on View Bonuses to view a detailed list of your invites and bonuses.

  • The Invite Bonuses page will show you pending bonuses from your invitees, when these bonuses will expire, and any expired bonuses. The chat option can help you give your invitees that nudge to complete their 2 purchases totaling $25 for you to receive the bonus.

  • Tap the Bonus History link on the top right of the screen to view the bonuses you have earned.

  • This page will show you the invitee, bonus amount, and the date of the transaction.

    Another way you can access this page is by navigating to your Fluz Wallet, scrolling down your Recent History and tapping on See All, then tapping on the Bonuses tab.

How do I find out that I received the $5 invite bonus?

As an inviter, you will receive an email whenever you qualify and receive your $5 bonus. This email will also let you know the invitee who helped you earn your bonus.

What happens to my existing pending vouchers from the original referral bonus program?

Your existing vouchers will expire during its original expiry date. We recommend that you make use of your vouchers before they expire.

Why did I not receive my $5 invite bonus?

If you encounter problems with your $5 Bonus, please reach out to our support team and use the Chat option in the app.

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