The $5 Quickstart is a fun way to earn your first bonus and help your invites get started.

All you need to do is complete these five easy steps:

1. Discover missed earnings

When completing this step, you will be asked to link you ACH / Bank Account as a payment method. Below are the steps for you to discover missed earnings:

Via the Pay Tab

  • From the main page of the app (the Pay tab), scroll down and locate the Missed earnings banner and tap it.

  • On the Missed earnings page, tap on Get Started.

  • After reviewing the Link your bank page, tap on Continue.

  • You will then be prompted to our secure 3rd party connecting system (Plaid). Tap on Continue and complete the process.

Via the Earn Tab

  • From the main page of the app, navigate to the Earn tab at the bottom of your screen.

  • Scroll down and locate the $5 Quickstart Bonus banner and tap on See Details.

  • Locate the Get missed earnings section of the challenge and tap on Link Account.

  • Complete the steps and the prompts and connect your bank account.

Note: In order to qualify for this part of the challenge, you must go through the steps mentioned above. If you have already linked your bank account, please link it again and follow the steps above. Going in through the “link account” step from the Quick Start Bonus or going through the add a payment method from Accounts & Cards does not count towards the challenge progress.

2. Make your first purchase on the mobile app

Use the mobile app to make your first gift card purchase and earn your first cash back in order to qualify.

3. Pick your favorite stores

On the Pay tab, search or browse our stores and tap on the heart to add it as a favorite.

4. Set a network goal

Building your Fluz network allows you to earn more rewards.

5. Enable notifications

Learn how to enable your Fluz notifications here.

Challenge conditions:

  • Only checking or savings bank accounts can be linked.

  • Some banks may not be available. Fluz recommends that you complete bank linking first.

  • All five goals must be completed to earn the bonus.

  • The challenge expires 30 days after account creation, all steps must be completed before the expiry date to qualify. The expiry date is indicated on the Earn section> $5 Quickstart bonus.

If you want to reach out to our support team, feel free to use the Chat option at the bottom right of your screen or if you're on the app, go to Help and chat with us.

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