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How to redeem, check balance, terms and help desk.

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How to Redeem:

  • In-store:

    1. Show your digital e-gift card/gift card to the cashier and allow them to scan it.

    2. If scanner issues arise, instruct them to enter the digits manually.

How to check your balance:

  • Mobile/Desktop:

    1. You may check your gift card balance here.

    2. Enter your gift card number and tap on ‘Submit.

    3. Your current gift card balance will be displayed.

  • In-store:

    1. Present digital e-gift/gift card to cashier for scanning.

    2. Ask cashier to check its balance.

    3. If scanner issues arise instruct them to enter the code manually.

Abridged terms and conditions:

  • Not redeemable for:

    • Cards cannot be redeemed online.

  • Locations:

    • Gift Card is redeemable for purchases at any Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que in the U.S.

Merchant Help:

Customer Support:

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