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My account is under "review". What should I do?
My account is under "review". What should I do?
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We know, you’re one of the good ones. Sometimes friendly users get caught in the automated filter Fluz employs to deter fraudsters, even when they’ve done nothing wrong.

Accounts are flagged by our automated security filter due to various reasons that may be related to your account's security, activity history, etc. We do this to ensure your account and that of other cardholders remain as safe as possible.

If your account is placed under review status, this means you have completed verification.

  1. Our Safety Team is reviewing your account and will update your status within 1 business day. Once the review is complete, you should receive an email.

Under the "review" status:

  1. You are unable to access past purchases or make new ones

  2. You are unable to add new payment methods

  3. You are unable to withdraw your balance

Don't worry, all your past purchases and Fluz Pay balance will be available to you once your account is unlocked or reinstated to "full" status.

More questions? Feel free to reach out to one of our Fluz sidekicks. Use the Chat option at the bottom of your screen, or if you're on the app, go to Help and chat with us.

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