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How to redeem Landry's Gift Card:

  • In-store:

    1. When paying, write the gift card number on the check.

    2. Let the server know that you are paying with a gift card.

    3. Your gift card will be deducted from the total.

How to check your balance:

  • Mobile/Desktop:

    1. Enter your gift card code here.

  • In-store:

    1. Write down your gift card code.

    2. Ask your server to check the gift card balance.

Abridged terms and conditions:

  1. Only one gift card code per check.

  2. Gratuity can be paid with gift card balance.

  3. Please note that the following locations do not currently accept gift cards: All Landry’s airport locations, Morton’s Grille in Niagara Falls, Rainforest Café in Niagara Falls, Build-A-Dino at T-Rex, Morton’s the Steakhouse in Saratoga Springs and All international franchise locations.

For additional support:

  1. For additional information, click here.

  2. To view Landry's Gift Card Terms and Conditions, click here.

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