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How to remove or edit a credit/debit card?
How to remove or edit a credit/debit card?

Removing a credit card, removing a debit card

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Follow the steps below to remove or edit a bank card on your Fluz app.

Screens depicted may not reflect the latest version of the app.

1. Tap on the Menu (your avatar) icon on the top right of your screen

2. Tap on Accounts & Cards

3. Scroll down to find Bank Cards

4. Tap on the Manage button at the top left of the card

5. Tap on Remove at the top right of the screen

6. Select Remove Bank Card to complete the process


To edit information on a credit/debit card, you must remove it first then add it again with the correct information.

If you need help completing bank hold verification, click here.

More questions? Feel free to reach out to one of our Fluz Sidekicks. Use the Chat option at the bottom of your screen, or if you're on the app, go to Help and chat with us.

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