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How to Redeem:

  • In-store:

    1. Let the cashier know you are paying with a digital gift card.

    2. Show your gift card details to the cashier. The cashier will have to hand key the gift card number and associated PIN (if applicable) into the POS.

    3. Your total will be deducted by your gift card balance.

  • Online

    1. During the checkout process, select “Use Walgreens Gift Card”

    2. Enter your 19-digit gift card code.

    3. Enter the 3-digit CVV.

    4. Enter the amount that you want to apply to your purchase.

    5. Funds will be held on the card until your order ships or is picked up in-store.

How to check your balance:


Abridged terms and conditions:

  • You can use your Card exclusively at any Walgreens or Duane Reade locations to purchase merchandise and services.

Merchant Help:

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