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How do I check my gift card balance?
How do I check my gift card balance?

How much is left on my gift card? How do I check my balance?

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To find the store's official gift card balance checker, visit the Fluz Help Center, and type the name of the store or merchant on the search field. We try our best to have dedicated usage instructions that, not only contain the gift card balance check websites, but also important information such as redemption instructions, expiration dates, exemptions, and the merchant's contact information.

Another option to check the balance left on your gift card would be an easy Google search. Simply type the name of the specific merchant + "gift card balance checker". For example, search "Home Depot gift card balance checker", and scan the search results for the best option. Most likely, one of the top options will lead you to the merchant's official website and balance checking service. Please note that Fluz is a gift card retailer, we do not have our own balance checker.

For your safety, when using the second method, ensure that you are on the merchant's official website by checking the URL. There are many unofficial or aggregator websites that may lead to non-secure or phishing sites. Remember to always keep your gift card pin and code secure.

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