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How to Redeem:

  • Mobile/Desktop:

  1. During check-out, make sure that you enter your contact details and accept the Terms and Conditions tick/check box and click 'Submit'.

  2. Have you accepted the amount to pay and clicked "Submit" twice? The first time you click ‘Submit’ is to assign the available balance from your eGift card code to your basket page, please allow 30 seconds. The second time you click ‘Submit’ is to process and complete the transaction. You will need to repeat this process if you have two eGift card codes.

  3. Once you click Submit the second time the basket instantly processes the value of your eGift card code.

How to check your balance:

  • Mobile/Desktop:

    1. Log into your account

    2. Add your gift card code into the My Dashboard tool in your 'My Account' Digital wallet

    3. Once you have clicked on the Claim gift card button in the 'My Dashboard' tool then your gift card balance will be displayed to you.

Abridged terms and conditions:

  • The eLearnGift Gift Card is only redeemable directly on the eLearnGift website. All gift cards do not expire in North America but have a 12 months expiration from first use for residents outside of North America excluding Ireland which is 60 months and Australia & Germany which is 36 months, subject to local State & Country law and any required residual refund value for each State & Country.

  • You may be required to enter a secondary payment method if the price is greater than the value of the eLearnGift Gift Card.

  • Up to 2 eGift card codes can be used per transaction.

Merchant Help:

Customer Support:

Please use our Online Messenger tool to address any queries and one of our friendly customer support team will respond to you if our AI customer support cannot assist, we are unable to call customers directly by telephone.

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