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Fluz gives you the full potential to earn with your spending and your referrals. The more qualified members you bring on-board through personal invites or your friends’ invites, the bigger your earnings. Take your money-making potential to the next level simply by inviting and using Fluz.

What are Royalty levels?

Fluz royalty levels are ranks assigned to you on a monthly basis. Your royalty level helps you maximize your monthly Referral Royalties. The higher your royalty level, the more earnings you can unlock.

What are the different royalty levels?

Below are the Royalty Levels and the requirements needed to achieve each level.

Royalty Levels

Monthly Personal Transaction Volume (PTV)

Qualified Lifetime Personal Referrals (QLPR)

Eligible Transactions for Referral Royalties

Max 100




Max 250




Max 1K




Max 5K




Max 20K




Max 50K




Max 100K




What is a Monthly Personal Transaction Volume (PTV)?

The amount a Fluz member spends with eligible merchants each calendar month.

What is Qualified Lifetime Personal Referrals (QLPR)

The total count of new members referred by a member over the life of their account who have who have met the criteria:

  • New invite must have a total spend of at least $15.

What are Eligible Transactions for Referral Royalties?

The number of transactions made by your network that you can earn Referral Royalties from. Transactions are counted on a first come first served basis. The higher the royalty level, the more transactions you can earn from.

For the month of July, Anna is at Max 250 royalty level. Her network made a total of 300 transactions for the month. As Anna is at Max 250 level, she is eligible to earn royalties only from the first 250 transactions. The last 50 transactions are considered "Locked Royalties" and will only be released if Anna is able to achieve Max 1K royalty level within July.

When will my royalty level be finalized?

Your royalty level will be updated as soon as you hit the qualifications needed. Royalties will be released in real time based on your achievement of the requirements needed per level.

Can my royalty level change every month?

Yes, your royalty level can change. Your rank can go up depending on your QLPR achieved for the month. You may also not be eligible for any level if you do not spend the minimum $15.

How do I track my royalty level?

Your Royalty Level can be viewed on the Maximize Tab of your app. You will receive monthly emails regarding your Royalty Level and achievements. You may also contact the CS team by using the Chat option at the bottom of your screen or if you're on the mobile app, go to Help and chat with us.

Why did I not rank up a level even if I achieved the requirements?

You did not achieve all the requirements needed to rank up to the next level within the same month. This could be due to failed payments or due to a new member not yet meeting the qualified account requirements. Unfortunately, returns, fraud, or cancellations can impact Royalty Level qualification, so we recommend exceeding requirements should a new member not qualify or a transaction needs to be canceled.

More questions? Feel free to reach out to one of our Fluz Sidekicks. You may call our Customer Hotline at +1 646-760-7479. You can also use the Chat option at the bottom of your screen, or if you're on the app, go to Help and chat with us.

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