Fluz not only helps you maximize your earnings, but it also helps you build credit history. Fluz can now gather purchases made through ACH accounts and debit cards, share them with credit bureaus, and help build your credit.

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Why should I care about building my credit history?

Credit history is a really important part in maintaining your financial health. It helps you get access to better rates on loans (mortgages, car lease etc.), and much more. Fluz gives you the ability to build credit history. Your purchases with Fluz count as a credit-worthy payment towards building your credit history.

How does Fluz help me build credit?

Fluz gives you a spend limit based on your spending history with Fluz. When you make transactions in Fluz using your bank account (ACH) or your debit card, it takes a few days for the transactions to actually settle. In essence, we actually spot your transactions for a few business days until the payment finally settles and we actually receive the funds, or "get paid". The transactions can be considered a "credit" or "loan" that you pay back almost immediately. Early the next month, we gather all your transactions for the last month and report them as credit worthy transactions to major credit bureaus (Experian, for now), thus helping you build credit history.

With this feature, Fluz aims to help our users build credit history and improve their credit score without interest, annual fees, debt and credit checks.

Does Fluz conduct a hard pull or inquiry on my credit score?

Fluz conducts neither a hard or a soft inquiry. In actuality, we are not creating any form of inquiry to the bureau.

What Fluz does is simply report your transactions that were made using your ACH or debit card.

What is reported to the major credit bureaus? How much is the credit limit?

Fluz will report your credit limit and usage to the major credit bureaus. You will have a personal line of credit with a spend limit based on your spend history with Fluz.

Fluz began credit reporting on May 2022.

Only transactions made with your bank account and debit card are reported. Transactions made with credit cards and digital wallets like Apple Pay and Paypal are not reported.

Which Credit Bureaus does Fluz report to and how often?

Currently, Fluz only reports to Experian but we are working on reporting to other credit bureaus as well.

The reporting will be on a monthly basis, at the end of the calendar month. Once you opt-in to credit reporting, Fluz should appear on your credit report by the 15th of the following month.

Am I eligible to have my credited reported?

As mentioned above, Fluz will only report transactions made with bank accounts and debit cards used as funding sources.

You must also be over 18 years old, and have a valid US address for us to start helping you build credit.

I don't want my credit reported. Can I opt out of credit reporting?

Yes you can. On the Fluz mobile app, press Menu (☰) > Privacy & Security > then toggle the "Build Your Credit" button off.

If you do not see this option, please hard close the app and open again to force update the app.

How soon does the opt out option take effect?

Our internal system reports on a monthly basis, at the end of the calendar month. Once you opt out, any spending after the end of that month will no longer be reported.

Sample scenario:

You opt out of the Fluz Credit Buiding feature using the in-app toggle button on August 15. Our internal system processes all reports and requests at the end of the month. Your August ACH and debit card transactions will still be reported and will appear on your next month's credit report. Anything after that, meaning September onwards, and all other previous reports prior to August 15, will no longer appear on your credit report.

If you wish to be opted out sooner, please reach out to customer success team for assistance. Please note that opting out will take effect in 24-48 hours after the request is made.

What information is shared with the credit agencies? And is there a fee?

Each month Fluz gathers all your transactions made with ACH or debit card as a funding source and reports them to credit agencies to build your credit. We do not share transactions spent with credit cards and other payment methods.

This feature is for free, so that's one more thing you don't have to pay for.

More Questions? Feel free to use the Chat option at the bottom of your screen or if you're on the mobile app, go to Help and chat with us.

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