What is the Fluz network?

One of the distinctive features that separates Fluz from other cash back apps is our network. Quintessentially, it is the fabric that the community of shoppers is built on, and lays the foundation for how the cash back rewards are actually distributed throughout the Fluz ecosystem.

The network has two major components

  • The Global Network

  • The Personal Networks of all Fluz Members

What is the "Global Network?"

The global network is a living structure that can grow infinitely as new members join, and it is comprised of all personal networks owned by each member.

It grows organically in an unpredictable formation, based on which members are inviting and how often those members add new people to their personal networks.

What is a "Personal Network?"

A Fluz personal network is owned by any one member, it shares identical characteristics and capacity with every other member's personal network. As a member invites their friends, and their friends invite their friends, their Fluz personal network grows.

Personal networks follow a very simple pattern, with one node/seat in the network always giving birth to two more spots in the subsequent layer. If this pattern is followed over the complete 15 layers within a personal network, it allows for a max size of 65,534 connections, with every one of them a breathing person that uses and shops through the app, providing a small percentage of their cash back rewards straight into your digital wallet.

IMPORTANT NOTE as of August 2022:

Fluz is continuously improving to maximize your earnings. In the next few weeks, the Fluz Network will evolve to better accommodate our growing number of users and allowing for a better earning experience.

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