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What are these amounts in my Fluz wallet when using Cash Balance?
What are these amounts in my Fluz wallet when using Cash Balance?
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You will notice a change in the amounts displayed in your Fluz wallet when using the cash balance top-up.

Tap on the info icon next to your balance for more details.

Here is a breakdown of the amounts shown on your Fluz wallet:

Total Balance is your current Fluz balance, including available cash deposited, or in transit, as well as your current rewards balance.

Available Cash is the total amount of cash deposited in your account that’s available to spend, transfer or withdraw. Please note that deposits currently in transit do not count towards your available balance unless completed.

Rewards Balance is the total amount of available cash-back that you have earned and not spent or transferred. You are able to spend or withdraw your balance once you have reached a one-time requirement of $16.00 in lifetime rewards/earnings.

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