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How to Redeem:

  • Mobile/Desktop:

    1. Enter your gift card code and select, 'Redeem'.

    2. Enter the email address associated with your Netflix account, or to create a new account.

    3. A confirmation screen will appear, then you can Start Watching or Start Membership.

How to check your balance:

  • Mobile/Desktop:

    1. Enter the code and select the 'Redeem' button. Your gift card balance will be displayed.

    2. Note: Once you've redeemed your gift card, you can check your available balance any time on your Billing Details page.

    3. Log into your Netflix account.

    4. Click your profile icon and go to 'Account' then select, 'Billing Details.'

    5. Your current gift card balance will be displayed.

Abridged terms and conditions:

  • Gift Cards and Netflix Balance do not expire and are not subject to any fees.

  • Not redeemable for:

    • Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for accounts that are billed through third parties. To redeem a Gift Card if your account is billed through a third party, you must first cancel your Netflix billing through the applicable third party and then redeem your card at once your last billing period with the third party has ended.

  • Locations:

    • Gift Cards are only redeemable for the Netflix service in countries where the Netflix service is offered in the currency denominated on the Gift Card. To redeem a Gift Card, go to and enter the card’s PIN number. You must create or have an existing and valid Netflix membership to redeem a Gift Card. The entire value of a Gift Card will be applied to your Netflix account upon redemption.

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