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How to Redeem:

  • Mobile/Desktop:

    1. During checkout, under ‘Order Summary,’ select ‘+ Apply a Coupon.’’

    2. Enter your digital e-gift Card numbers. Select ‘Apply.’

    3. Your digital e-gift card balance will be applied to your order total.

  • In-app:

    1. Log in to your Wish account.

    2. Tap on the 3-line menu, select 'Apply Promo'.

    3. Enter your promo code then tap, 'Apply' to add your gift card balance as Wish Cash.

    4. Your digital e-gift card balance will be applied to your order total.

How to check your balance:

  • Mobile/Desktop:

    1. Log into your Wish account here.

    2. Go to your Profile icon and tap on 'Wish Cash'.

    3. Your current balance will be displayed.

  • In-app:

    1. Open your Wish app.

    2. Tap on the 3-line menu.

    3. Select, 'Wish Cash'.

    4. Your current digital e-gift card balance will be displayed.

Abridged terms and conditions:

  • Note: Cards can be transferred, but are single-use. The first account to enter the Card code will be credited with the Card value. Therefore you should safeguard any code associated with your Card.

  • Cards may only be applied to 200 EUR (for non-EUR countries: 200 GBP, 1500 DKK, 250 CHF, 2000 SEK) in a single day.

  • Not redeemable for:

    • Wish branded electronic gift cards ("Cards") may only be used to purchase items on Wish.

    • Purchase and use of Cards are subject to the terms and conditions provided at purchase.

  • Locations:

    • Cards are available in selected countries, including Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

    • Cards are valid in the currency in which they were purchased and can only be redeemed in the applicable currency.

Merchant Help:

Customer Support:

  • Call: +1 (800)-266-0172

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