If you would like to go above and beyond on your mission to invite, crafting your own custom advertising content, if done correctly, is one strategy that can bump your game up to the next level.

Making use of powerful keywords that will resonate with your audience is an important aspect to pay attention to. Here are some of the most effective words and phrases that Fluz has identified thus far. It is encouraged that you use variations of these keywords to maximize your conversions.

Check back here occasionally, as we plan to update this list with time.

  • Cash Back Credit Cards

  • Passive/Residual Income

  • Apps for Making Money

  • Best Cash Back/Loyalty Programs/Apps

  • Coupons, Deals, Discounts (how to find)

  • Rewards & Perks (SkyMiles, frequent flyer, cash back, etc)

  • Life Hacks (millennial-focused)

  • How to manage debts

  • Side Gigs and Hustles to Earn Money

  • Double Dipping Rewards

  • Finance and Investment Advice

  • Holiday Shopping/Ideas (Valentines, Black Friday, etc)

  • Travel (ideas, travel for less, etc)

  • Geographic (how to find deals/cashback near you)

  • Shopping Smart (did you knows, how-tos, where to find…)

  • Small Business vs Big Brands

  • Online Shopping vs Brick & Mortar/in store

  • Gift Shopping (for kids, birthdays, friends, family, etc)

  • Entertainment (things to do, places to go)

  • Technology (what’s new/popular, best-of, etc)

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