Fluz reserves the right to contact you and ask for you to remove any content that we see as harmful to our brand. This could include things such as:

  • Exaggerated claims of how much someone can earn with Fluz

  • Misleading claims such as we give 50% cash back with Amazon

  • Most importantly, outright falsities; e.g., “You can earn double cash back forever when you join my network” instead of “You can earn double cash back on your first 4 purchases when you join my network”

Keep in mind that you can not explicitly guarantee a financial reward. We allow our members to speak to the potential earnings a person can make, so long as the proper context that it is not guaranteed is upheld.

If you fail to remove the content within 72 hours, we will permanently lock your account, and your network plus any cash back you have accrued will be forfeited.

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