1. Gift cards are non refundable.

  2. Fluz respects the rights of our retail partners to make decisions on their acceptance of gift cards. If the retailer cancels any orders made with the gift cards, Fluz is not liable and will not reimburse those transactions. If retailers decide to terminate your access to their site, stores or those said gift cards, Fluz is not liable and will not reimburse those transactions.

  3. The gift cards being purchased are intended for personal use

  4. You are responsible to keep track of the balance on your gift cards

  5. Gift cards are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash unless required by law. For issues with your gift card, please first reach out to our retail partner’s support channels. Should the gift card be invalid, Fluz may assist with looking into the issue but is not required to issue refunds if the issue is on the retail partner’s side.

  6. Gift cards are as good as cash and Fluz securely delivers gift cards directly to your app. Users are responsible to ensure the security of their gift cards and the mobile devices/ computers they access Fluz through. Fluz will not refund lost or redeemed gift cards caused by compromised accounts and/or devices.

  7. Majority of Fluz gift cards only work in the U.S. Fluz will not refund gift cards that do not work if they are redeemed outside of the US or with a non-U.S. or non USD account. Please check the retail partner’s gift cards T&Cs and FAQs prior to purchasing a gift card.

  8. Fluz is not responsible if the retail partner’s cashiers, staff and managers do not know how to use gift cards. Please inform the cashier that you are using the retail partner’s DIGITAL gift card. In most cases, cashiers are able to either scan or enter the gift card code and pin or both.

  9. Fluz clearly reflects if gift cards are useable in-store, online or both. The usage of the gift cards are subject to the retail partner’s terms and conditions. Fluz will not refund gift cards if the app states in-store only but the user was unable to use online, and vice versa.

  10. The gift cards are subject to the retail partner’s Terms and Conditions. Fluz is not liable to refund gift cards that encountered issues on the retail partner’s side such as website maintenance or system error.

  11. Users are liable to check the expiry date of their gift cards. Fluz will not refund un-useable gift cards because they have expired.

  12. Depending on retail partner’s T&Cs, gift cards may be limited to certain products, services and/or branches only. Fluz is not required to refund gift cards for cases like this. Please visit the retail partner’s gift card FAQs prior to purchase. Fluz is not responsible for merchant's stock/ inventory levels.

  13. Once a gift card purchase has been made, Fluz is unable to change the amount nor change payment methods. For issues with Paypal charging a different payment method, please reach out to PayPal directly.

  14. Fluz is simply the gift card seller. Gift cards are completely subject to the retail partner’s Terms and Conditions. Our retail partner reserve the right to cancel orders, lock accounts (and the balances along with it), terminate access to their website and/or stores, and defund or deactivate gift cards without refunds based on their terms & conditions or as they see fit. Fluz is not liable for our retail partner’s decisions and will not reimburse those gift cards.

  15. Merchandise returns and order cancellations from orders purchased with a gift card are subject to retail partner’s Terms and Conditions. Should you want to return merchandise or encounter issues with your balance after you cancelled your order, please reach out to the retail partner directly.

  16. Please visit our retail partners website to check your gift card balance. For some retail partners, a user account is needed to redeem the gift card balance and/or check the balance.

  17. Should a chargeback be received from your account and/or linked payment methods, Fluz reserves the right to require payment of the chargeback amount, a $50 processing fee per chargeback, and an assessment fee prior to reinstating your account. Fluz reserves the right to lock your account, your gift card balances, and your FluzPay balance along with it, should you receive numerous chargebacks and/ or to pay for unsettled chargeback related fees. Fluz is not required to re-open your account.

  18. In an effort to ensure the security of all cards used in the app, Fluz reserves the right to lock accounts, the balances and FluzPay if the account is suspected to be fraudulent. Fluz reserves the right to conduct account verification any time.

  19. Fluz reserves the right to enforce criteria used to determine an upgrade to a Fluz Power Account. Fluz reserves the right to deny account upgrade and enforce spend limits or account verification rules.

  20. Gift cards are subject to stock availability. Gift cards need to be used to pay for a purchase, Gift cards cannot be used retroactively.

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