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Fluz Employees and Independent Contractors in Network
Fluz Employees and Independent Contractors in Network
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Network Participation

Fluz allows its employees and independent contractors to hold seats in the network. We believe in our business and hope the people helping to make it happen do as well.

As such we allow and encourage them to benefit from the opportunity Fluz provides.

Suspension of Employee or Independent Contractor Account

We recognize employees and Independent contractors have access to the systems used to build the Fluz business. We expect they do not violate any of those privileges.

No employees or independent contractors will be given an unfair advantage over other members of the Fluz network. If an employee or independent contractor is found using their access to manipulate their placement within the global network structure, or exploit any other aspect of the business, their account will be suspended immediately. Fluz reserves the right to enforce a suspension any time after the incident occurred.

In addition, if an employee or independent contractor damages Fluz property, digital assets, or discloses proprietary information about the company, their accounts will be terminated without impunity.

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