Inviting your friends and family has gotten easier with Fluz! You'll be earning those extra vouchers and increasing your cashback earnings in no time!

Here's how to use the new Invite Contacts feature on Fluz:

  1. Make sure you're on the latest version of the Fluz App. Head over to your app store and make sure to update!

  2. Once you've updated, click on the Invite button found at the bottom of your Fluz App.

  3. Click on "Find people to invite and earn rewards with".

  4. You'll be asked to Connect your Address Book. Click Okay. Fluz will then ask for access to your Contacts.

  5. Once you've given permission, you'll be sent back to your Fluz App, viewing the Invite Contacts page. Make sure to click the Allow button to start loading your contacts.

  6. After your contacts list has been loaded, you would see a Recommended and All Contacts List.

  7. Your Recommended list are your contacts who also have friends who are using Fluz but have not yet joined! Your All Contacts list would show your contacts who are totally new to Fluz.

You now have the ability to invite your contacts to join Fluz! You can click Invite beside your contact and it would pull up your messages app with a pre-populated message that has your referral code! Feel free to edit this as much as you like!

After inviting them, you would have the option to remind them by clicking Remind beside your contact.

Your contacts who are already on Fluz would show a green checkmark beside their name.

For your reference, here are some screenshots that can help you out with this!

Happy shopping!

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