Your account had just been reinstated back to pass from being under review. Great! Welcome back to using Fluz!

However, since our security filters had flagged your payment method, unfortunately, it was placed under Limited Status: Tier 1. This means that all payment methods under this status will have a total, combined spend limit of $500.

Don't worry, this isn't set in stone! As we build trust with you, your spending limits for this payment method may still be increased.

Keep note, this limited status affects only payment methods that were flagged by our security system. Some payment methods may have different spend limits.

To see which of your payment methods are in Tier 1 Limited Status, check the Fluz mobile app, Menu> Privacy & Security> Limits & Verification.

How Long Is The Payment Method Limited?
Once our system sees safe spending activity over time, this payment method will automatically be upgraded to a higher spend limit. We cannot give you a specific date for this, as it depends on a variety of risk factors that our system assesses before increasing your spend limit automatically. You will receive an email once your spend limit changes.

For more information:

What is Trust Status: In Review?

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