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Uber - Get cashback on Fluz for your past Uber Rides
Uber - Get cashback on Fluz for your past Uber Rides
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You can get cashback on your past rides on Uber for up to 30 days!

Go to your Uber App. Sign-in to your Uber account.

Press the More Menu button (≡) on the top left.


Select ‘Your Trips,’ find the trip you want to get cashback on. Purchase the trip cost or more on your Fluz app. Redeem the code on the Uber app (for redemption information, click here).


Go back to Uber and select the trip, scroll down to ‘Help,’ select ‘I had a different issue.’


Select ‘Switch the payment method for a past trip,’ change the payment method to Uber cash.


Please note, your Uber cash balance must be higher than or equal to the trip total.

Uber will refund your original payment method and enjoy your cashback on Fluz.

For more information by Uber, click here.

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