What are the Fluz Leadership Bonus Challenges?

  • The Fluz Leadership Bonus Challenges are a set of tasks that when completed by our members, will award real cash prizes into your Fluz account. The tasks start off easy and get progressively more difficult, but the rewards also get larger to match the difficulty as well.

Where can I find the Challenges in the App?

  • Log into your Fluz App, navigate to the "Earn" section from the bottom menu bar, and scroll down to view the different sub-challenges. You can also tap on the graphic to find more information about each milestone.

Is there a specific way I must finish the Challenges?

  • For the "Leader" bonuses, they need to be done in order. Milestone #1 must be done before milestone #2, milestone #2 must be done before milestone #3, and so on.

  • For the "Build Leaders" bonus, please keep in mind that if the person who invited the indirect network member did not complete the "Leader" bonuses themselves, you will not be able to earn from the "Build Leaders" bonuses.

    For example, let's say Amy invites Bob, and Bob invites Charlie. If Charlie completes the "Leader" bonuses, but Bob did not, then Amy will not be able to earn the "Build Leaders" bonus.

What is the start date for the challenges?

  • The challenges are live starting on April 1st, 2020.

Do the challenges have an end date?

  • Yes, the expiration date will be reflected on the app, with the possibility to extend if Fluz determines that it is a successful way to engage our members.

  • You may check your app for the latest expiry date of the bonus. It should state the date when you're viewing the challenge.

How will I be notified if I have completed any of the challenges?

  • Each week, the Fluz team will evaluate the progress that our members have made. Those that have finished a milestone will get an email at the end of the week with confirmation that a challenge has been completed.

How will I be paid when I complete a challenge?

  • You will get paid via PayPal to the same email address that you have on file in the Fluz app.

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