With the unique Fluz cash back model, a portion of all cash back rewards earned through the app is shared. The distribution of the shared network rewards follows a specific pattern, and are separated into 2 distinct categories:

  • Direct invite rewards

  • Network rewards

Simply put, rewards for members that have made a direct invite are a larger part of the total distributed cash back. This acts as compensation to the person who made the invite, as they have made an unmistakable impact on the growth of the platform. This larger sized reward lasts for as long as the invited member stays in the network and keeps purchasing.

Someone who is simply in your network through the invite of someone else or auto-fill, will award you the standard cash back split when they make a purchase.

The increase in reward size between a person you invited and a person you did not invite is 6x larger, so it really pays off to spread the word.

You can learn more about the distribution of cash back rewards by visiting this article here.

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