No, under certain conditions you can move closer to the core of the network, as well as further from the core of the network. This is what Fluz refers to as “network mobility.”

Fluz will require that all accounts show activity in the form of purchases. The minimum requirement to maintain your position in the network is 1 purchase made through the app every year. If you maintain this single annual purchase of any dollar amount, then you can be sure that you will always keep your current position and the network connected to your Fluz seat.

If you stop using the app and there are no purchases within a 12 month period, then the network mobility rules will kick into effect, and you will be dropped to the outer edge of the network structure. This will result in the loss of your personal network, and if you wish to start using the app again to earn passive income, you will need to re-grow your network and maintain an active account status.

Network mobility can also have a positive effect on your personal network. Highly active members will see that they occasionally move closer to the core of the global network structure. This positive movement will show an immediate increase in the number of people in your personal network and in theory increase the monthly earnings of your seat as well.

For every layer of the network, there will be two members that will have the potential to move closer to the core. The network mobility rules dictating which member moves up will use specific metrics to determine which of the two members are the most active; such as the highest dollar amount spent within the last month, most invites successfully initiated, and other important factors.

So using the app regularly and helping the Fluz platform grow can have a huge impact on the overall performance of your Fluz seat.

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