The distribution of rewards through the Fluz network follows a specific pattern. The reward distribution is the unique selling point of our app and is what will fuel the explosive growth of users, plus allow our members to earn such a sizable amount of rewards. Unlike other cash back apps where there is just 1 person making money, with Fluz the payout is split between 3 different buckets.

For example, if a Fluz member makes a purchase, and that purchase awards $13.91 in total cash back, the first person that gets paid is the purchaser, and in this example, they would earn $6.42 of the total cash back. The next person that gets paid is the one who invited the purchaser. They would earn $1.07 of the total cash back as a bonus for their influence. Lastly, the network gets paid, and they would get the remaining $6.42. This would be split 15 ways with the users that have a direct network connection to the person that made the purchase, or 42 cents per person.

One of those 15 people will also be the inviter, bringing the total amount earned for him up to $1.49.

As you can see in the above diagram, the green Fluz member is the one that made a purchase, and the red Fluz members all have a direct connection with them, meaning they are in the reward path. The largest red dot in the center is the member that invited the green Fluz member, and they share the network reward as well as the special invite rewards, so it pays—literally—to entice everyone in your network to join.

The split profit system may not seem like it could earn you a lot of money, but even if you collect just 1 cent per user in one month, that’s over $650 of pure effortless passive income with a full network.

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