Fluz offers an additional 3x bonus for people that have made direct invites to their network, however, just as with all rewards in the app, this bonus is only paid out when that person makes a purchase.

For example, if a Member makes a $100 dollar purchase, and that purchase awards $6.50 in total cash back. The first person that gets paid is the purchaser, and in this example, they would earn $3.00 of the total cash back. The next person that gets paid is the one who invited the purchaser. They would earn $0.50 of the total cash back as a bonus for their influence. Lastly, the network gets paid, and they would get the remaining $3.00. This would be split 15 ways with the users that have a direct network connection to the person that made the purchase, or 20 cents per person.

One of those 15 people will also be the direct inviter, bringing the total amount earned for him/her up to $0.70.

For comparison, if you had not invited this person but they were still in your network, you would have made 20 cents in this case.

As an active inviter, you can open yourself up to many additional bonuses as well. For instance, Fluz will sometimes run referral reward bonuses where you can earn an additional bonus once someone you invite spends a certain amount through the app.

Also, you will be able to win prizes from our leaderboard competitions and challenges too. While Fluz can still be profitable from a passive point of view, you can see that the possibilities to earn a substantial income begin to materialize much easier when you become an active inviter.

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