If Fluz detects a reversed charge for any valid gift card purchase, then we will immediately restrict your account pending an official review. This means that you will no longer be able to access your wallet, network, or any other features of the app until the account review is complete, however, you will still have the ability to earn from your network during this time.

If Fluz determines that you intentionally reversed the charge in an attempt to game the Fluz system, we will permanently shut down your account and you will lose all of the cashback accrued on your account, your network connections, and the ability to use the app to earn cash back with all of our retail partners.

Due to the nature of the infraction and the recent rise/crackdown on gift card fraud, Fluz will also report the instance and all pertinent details on file to the proper authorities for investigation. Fluz also reserves the right to go after the person that invited the member who committed the fraudulent chargeback, if we see any indications that they were complacent in the fraud as well.

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