Yes, you are able to apply your existing cash back balance towards a Fluzpay purchase. Simply tap the toggle beside the Apply Fluz Balance.

Depending on how much available cash back you have in your Fluz wallet, you will be able to make either a partial or full payment.

If you can only partially cover the total purchase amount, you will still need to pay the remaining balance with your linked bank card, but you will be notified of the amount that will be charged and will still be prompted to enter your pin to confirm the purchase.

UPDATE: As of Sept. 23, 2020, we recently updated the $ 26-lifetime cash back requirement to include Fluz balance payments. You must hit the minimum requirement of lifetime earnings of $26 first before you can withdraw it or use it to buy more gift cards. This is a one-time requirement only. After you've hit $26 in earnings, you may withdraw anytime even if it's just $1.

This helps Fluz maintain a sustainable business and provide competitive cashback to our users.

Before each purchase, you can click "Learn More" under "Pay with Fluz Balance".

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