You can apply your existing Fluz cashback balance to buy gift cards within the app.

  1. Simply navigate to a merchant from the Pay tab

  2. Select the payment method that says “Apply Fluz Balance”

If you do not have a large enough cashback balance to pay for your desired Fluzpay amount, you will need to complete the payment for the remaining balance with one of your stored bank cards.

Note: Fluz is not a direct seller/re-seller of any retailer's merchandise. We only provide the means to make a payment with our approved partner merchants and provide cash back on the total store credit issued.

UPDATE: As of November 1, 2022, we recently updated the $ 16-lifetime cash back requirement to include Fluz balance payments. You must hit the minimum requirement of lifetime earnings of $16 first before you can withdraw it or use it to buy more gift cards. This is a one-time requirement only. After you've hit $16 in earnings, you may withdraw anytime even if it's just $1.

This helps Fluz maintain a sustainable business and provide competitive cashback to our users.

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