When you pay with your bank account, you get 1% more cashback than if you were to pay with other payment methods.

Note that if you pay partially with Bank Payments and use your FluzPay balance for the rest of the amount, you only get the 1% additional cashback. You are not able to get the 1% additional from paying with your FluzPay balance as well.

Note that when you pay with Bank payments (also called ACH transfer or paying with your bank account), we will be putting a hold on your chosen back up payment method for the same amount. At the end of the day, when the ACH payment clears, the hold on your credit card is immediately released.

How long before the back up payment hold is removed from my account?

This amount should clear out from your credit card statement within 1 to 3 business days. Please contact your bank if the hold on your card does not clear.

In case the ACH payment does not clear, we will charge your chosen back up payment method instead.

How to Pay with ACH or Bank Payments?

Get 1% more cashback when your pay with your Fluz Pay Balance

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