Unlike an “active income” where you need to sustain a constant effort in order to keep getting paid, a “residual income” source allows you to put in some initial effort, that after some time, will allow you maintain a flow of revenue with minimal or no effort on your end.

Some examples include writing a book and selling copies, taking photographs and listing them on a stock photography website, or buying an old house to fix up and rent out.

Fluz has a residual income aspect thanks to the nature of the rewards network. If you spend a little time and effort to jump start your network early on by inviting, then the people you invited will start inviting, and those people will start inviting, until one day your network is completely full.

Once your network starts to expand, you will be making potentially hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month*, all without lifting a finger.

Just like with the example of writing a book above, the more initial effort you put into building your early network, the quicker you will earn a sizeable residual income from all the shopping your network does.

*Fluz cannot guarantee anyone will earn a residual income, no matter what the size of their network may be.

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