Fluz was inspired by traditional cash back apps that were missing several key features preventing them from reaching true mass adoption. One of the biggest elements where we saw room for improvement was the potential to properly award those that helped the app grow. The earnings in Fluz are purely consumption based. Retailers want customers, and our platform provides the perfect resource for that. Hence, the retailers give out rewards for consumers that shop with them through Fluz.

Earning cashback from the things you buy will certainly be one aspect that will put more money in your pocket every month. That part is straightforward. Just keep purchasing what you already do either through the app or with your linked credit / debit card, and earn cash back right into your Fluz digital wallet.

However, earning cash back from your own purchases will only be a small part of how you can earn sizeable rewards through Fluz. The true separation between us and other apps is the income generated by our unique network approach. When others that you have directly or indirectly influenced, or people that have auto-filled into your network make purchases through the app, you receive a share of the cash back that they generate. Each “seat” or spot in the network is capable of having over 65k people connected to it, and all of them will be sharing a percentage of their rewards with you every time they buy.

Very simply put, the more you purchase and the more people you have connections with inside the app, the more you earn.

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