No, signing up to Fluz is completely free. The profitability of the network will never be dependent on fees from new members joining, and the only way rewards are generated is through the purchasing of goods/services from qualified Fluz merchants. This fact is how you can know Fluz is self-sustaining even if no new members are joining.

There is an annual 1 purchase minimum (of any dollar amount) if you would like to maintain your position within the network, but members will never be removed from the app for failing to meet that minimum.

If you fail to make at least 1 annual purchase through our various partner retailers, you will drop to the bottom of the global network. This means you will lose your indirect network, and will only be able to earn from your own purchases, plus the purchases of those you have directly invited.

For more information on indirect network vs. direct invites, please see this article.

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